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Established in 1983, Plum Traders has always striven to offer our customers sterling silver jewelry that will stand the test of time, creating heirloom pieces to be passed from generation to generation.

It is Plum Traders' position as the world's foremost purveyor of traditional, hand-made Nepali silver that sets us apart. For close to 20 years Plum Traders has focused on producing the largest of selection of designs made by the fabled jewelers of the Kathmandu Valley.

Over time, we have also established deep connections with an extended family of traditional stonecutters. As a result we can state with confidence that for quality and price we are the industry leader.

Plum Traders works with small independent family workshops, each highly skilled with a particular artistry to make specific designs. Certain designs can only be made by these families. The profits made by the workshops are divided among the workers, who as a result make a steady living far beyond the norm and standard in their country, which is among the poorest and least developed in the world.

It is your patronage that keeps this ancient craft alive and enables these traditional jewelers to carry on the heritage of their ancestors.


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